New Single From IVAN CAMPO Inspired By The Ultimate Love Story

Published on 15 March 2023 at 18:14

Words: Max Bradfield


Ivan Campo was solid at the back for Bolton Wanderers and now his presence is being through music. Coming out of another city of the north west, Preston’s inspired band have released their latest single ‘TIME’.    


What is the first release of 2023 for the indie folk trio tells the story of meeting someone as a youngster and unveils all the adventures shared along the way. There are exciting plans on the way, as the band continues to record their next album and this song acts as a perfect place holder for bigger things.


‘TIME’ wraps listeners up in a warm blanketing veil of nostalgia. With an intimate acoustic sound, rousing harmonies and a churning guitar pattern, the song represents a touching look back at clearly fond memories. Time itself is represented as a currency and this song wants to make the most of the significance in both memory and the modern day relationship.


Guitarists Adam Shaw and Will Rogers and bassist/drummer Ben Atha met in the city of Preston whilst studying contemporary music at the University of Central Lancashire. Since those formative stages, the trio have made waves with their own brand of alt rock – the greatest plaudits coming for their tracks ‘Dice Man’ and ‘The Great Procrastinator’. The latter of those was shot out to a wider audience in 2010 when it featured in the soundtrack of cult series ‘Skins’.


In terms of performance, the group is more than qualified. They’ve played at Timber Festival and the Festival Sessions over the summer of 2022 and have had 4 live sessions on BBC 6 Music. They also appeared on Spanish TV in 2017 and in 2021, finally got to meet their name inspiration – Campo himself. 


The band’s main influences come in the shape of The Beatles, Nick Drake and Rod Sterling and it’s actually the latter that their latest project is based upon. The next collection of songs are based on episodes of Sterling’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ and if anything like this single, show huge potential for a great listen for all.


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