Published on 15 March 2023 at 18:31

Curated by Adam Wright


Hello and welcome to the brand new OSM single release round-up. We’re here again to sprinkle your week with the brightest gems from the indie music scene. As always we’ll start with our Single Of The Week; this week we’ve chosen the new one from Feral Family. Their gloomy sci-fi single, ‘Spice King’ is the latest to be taken from the Yorkshire band’s debut EP and is inspired by Frank Herbert’s science-fiction saga ‘Dune’. Sludgy instrumentation, groaning vocals and hypnotic drums carve out an industrial sound that gives the track the apocalyptic mood it strives to emulate. Set yourself a reminder for the EP’s release on the 12th of May. 


More now and we have something new: the solo artist, Alice Phoebe Lou. Her  song, called ‘Shelter’ marks a return to the spotlight for the Berlin-based singer, who last released music back in 2021. The fresh track features a warm and summery sound, complete with gleaming vocals and sharp guitars that refine the song’s relaxing mood…up next is ‘You’re Lost’, the fresh track from San Quentin. Described by the band as the anthem for the lost, found or somewhere in between, the track explores the damage that social media consumption does to society. Insistent drums and distorted guitars create a gloomy mood to frame the tune’s subject matter; a catchy chorus provides its infectiousness…Artesan are up next with their new track, Rage. Coming nearly a year after their last drop, the song - the group’s fourth release to date - marks a departure from its gleaming predecessor and draws inspiration from more bluesy roots. Minimalist guitars and thumping drums evoke a blues-rock sound and send the group down a darker, more menacing path… the rock ’n’ roll band, Foreign Mornings are next with their 1990s indebted ‘Let’s Go Home’, a song that incorporates elements of Foo Fighters and Pixies to create a raw sounding and energetic sound. Fuzzy guitars, anthemic vocals and hi-hat led drums create an encompassing wall of alt-rock sound that forms the opening statement of the group’s debut album, out later this year…next is ‘Nothing More Nothing Less’ from Ist Ist. The Manchester band’s new single examines the complexities of relationships through the eyes of a female protagonist at odds with her feelings. Atmospheric synthesizers and eery vocals create a cathartic atmosphere that sees the band delivering perhaps their track to date…and finally, this week is the new track from Saloon Dion. The track, named ‘Happiness’, is a typically groovy song, featuring infectious bass riffs and distorted guitar lines that evoke the early post-punk sounds of Gang of Four and Wire. The track comes alongside the announcement of their new EP, which comes out in May.


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