KATE ELLIS’ ‘Hurt’ Is A Delightful Bonus Track From The Vinyl Release Of Album ‘Spirals’

Published on 21 March 2023 at 09:55

Words: Max Bradfield


Kate Ellis originally released her album ‘Spirals’ back on the 18th of February last year. However, now she’s released an exclusive vinyl with the excellent bonus track cover of ‘Hurt’, a fine accompaniment to her 2022 work.


Ellis’ take on ‘Hurt’ comes amidst the limited release of 300 hand-numbered vinyl copies and was released at the start of this month. Initially an iconic song by Trent Reznor, famously reinterpreted by Johnny Cash at the end of his prestigious life, Ellis puts on a beautifully individual spin.


'Hurt' was recorded during the Spirals album studio sessions with producer John Reynolds (Sinead O'Connor, Indigo Girls, Belinda Carlisle, Damien Dempsey) and presents rustic sliding guitar bends as well as fluttering vocals and inflections of piano keys to create a superb soundscape of country and folk that elevates to near-balladlike status. In some parts, the cover is a gritty snapshot that harks back to Cash’s late attitude. While in others, it floats nicely – propelled by ambient backing vocals. In a clash of modern and old, soft and hard – it’s a cover powered by juxtaposition.



‘Spirals’ has been streamed on online platforms over 700,000 times since its original release and was named as Album of the Year by a number of independent radio DJs and listed among the Top 40 Americana Albums of the Year. Ellis said of her version of ‘Hurt’ and the physical musical formats: 


Hurt is one of those songs that you wish you had written. A simple structure and melody that conveys the most powerful and complex emotions. I am in awe of songs that can do that.


The physical properties of a vinyl record as an object have always been very important to me. My dad’s collection really influenced me musically growing up and shaped the music I love and write. I’ve got some cherished records of his and I love that they are old and were loved by him. A lot of people have asked me about ‘Spirals’ on vinyl so I’m thrilled that it’s now available.


The Spirals album is available to order on vinyl here.