CARLEY VARLEY Presents ‘I’m Not Angry Anymore’ The Third Single Off Of ‘Homesick’ EP

Published on 21 March 2023 at 16:14

Words: Max Bradfield


Winchester based alternative pop artist Carley Varley initially started building her reputation in UK music from the age of 14. From starting on the streets busking on the south coast, to performing on the main stage at music festivals – now she takes to the airwaves with her new EP ‘Homesick’. 


The third track of her latest EP, ‘I’m not angry anymore’ is true to her self-reflective form – as she presents a strong, assertive narrative that is progressive in the face of emotion. Carley’s music often focuses on mental health, the struggles that she has experienced, yet she’s perfectly capable of telling stories of others. 


From the start, we as a listener are met by this intimate guitar and vocal, reflective of an early 2000s alternative style. After this, the track breaks out in a defiant nature – taking on a self-assured euphoric tone as Varley takes the power away from her vacant other half. “I no longer mourn your loss” shows this as the narrative has moved on to greener pastures with new coping mechanisms rather than, for example, writing letters the partner wouldn’t read.


Carley’s music has been likened to Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Linkin Park and Against The Current and it’s clear that her style has come across as a welcome throwback for many. She’s amassed a strong core of followers, as well as regular appearances on the BBC Introducing circuit.  So, what do admirers say?

"I have seen Carley move in the right direction. Her writing is improving more and more, and her musical universe is being refined. Her voice too, more confident, but what I will remember the most is her authenticity. Pearls like Carley, are not found very much in a lifetime." – Indie Music Centre



This track arrived on the 3rd of March, yet it’s not the last of Carley’s plans for 2023. Here are some key dates for the artist:


5th of May: ‘Envy’ release

24th of July: ‘Crazy’ release

1st of September: ‘Homesick’ EP full release