Coventry’s CANDID Release Their First Single With Marquee Records: ‘Tonight’

Published on 29 March 2023 at 17:02

Words: Max Bradfield


Indie pop up and comers Candid released their first ever single ‘Tonight’ on the 24th of February. This marks an exciting start of a musical journey that, if they play their cards right, could take them to a host of interesting places.


Any followers of the Coventry-based five-piece will have already seen an abundance of big news, such as the revelation of a huge hometown show at the HMV Coventry Empire on the 29th of April. Now, the band have added to that, with their new single ‘Tonight’.


The single itself comes as a double A-sided release – coupled with new track ‘Wasted Time’. An introspective song, ‘Tonight’ charts a specific, personal time for the band. 


Tonight is almost a lightbulb moment that a few things needed to change.”


For such a formative group, it’s a powerful statement – wary of creative difference or perhaps change of direction. Regardless, the track is as impressive as their recent ascent. There’s a glistening, reflective quality in the shaking synth chords. Bass pops through the backdrop, whilst Rob Latimar’s vocals pierce the veil of thought with a somewhat Inhaler-like delivery, especially with the perfectly cradling backing harmonies.


There’s flashes of Blossoms in this one too, and it comes as no surprise that the band worked with recording maestro Richard Turvey at Liverpool’s Coastal Sound Recording Studios. On this, the band mentioned:

We love Liverpool, there’s a great feeling when you’re in the city. I think it really translates into the music too. Rich is a great producer and has enhanced our last three releases hugely, equally the same with Tonight - it made perfect sense to work with him. The studio is a beautiful place and hopefully we’ll work there soon on something new – we’ve got plenty in the pipeline.


With this band that is bursting with potential, is a brotherly core of vocalist Rob and guitarist Dan Latimar. Joining them is the enigmatic Alex Bonsor on drums, Sam Baines on bass and Max Fisher on keys to complete a shimmering indie group that has already tasted acclaim supporting the likes of The Snuts and The Fratellis. With that already hinted at “plenty in the pipeline” and this massive hometown show in Cov, Candid are certainly a band to keep on the radar. 


Tour Dates:

31/3 Glasgow

1/4 Edinburgh

9/4 Newcastle

20/4 Bournemouth

27/5 Nottingham