Blackpool's ALRIGHT Continue Their Ascent With Poignant Single 'Life Of Nelly'

Published on 30 March 2023 at 10:45

Words: Robin Mumford


ALRIGHT’s latest track ‘Life of Nelly’ was released almost a month ago now. That’s my fault for being this late to the news. However, it didn’t really matter when this was written. The reality is its expiry date is non-existent. It’s a track that will live on until time ceases to continue, especially for those who know of Nelly.


See, the latest release from ALRIGHT, a Lancashire-based indie band, is one of personal value. As it details the story of James’ dad’s life, ‘Life of Nelly’ will be a family classic for years, decades, and beyond. 


But even for those without an affiliation with him, the track presents a celebration of life in a feel-good manner. For this reason, it can be enjoyed by all. Its vocals and orchestral sounds merge as one to create a bouncy, upbeat song, while the song’s lyrical remnants that entail a party like funeral as opposed to a day for sorrow so that it can relate to anyone who has experienced loss.


It is so cliché to tell those going to a funeral of a loved one that “It’s okay, see it as a celebration of life”, when they come to you for emotional support. But it’s true. Life should be celebrated, just as death shouldn’t be seen as the end. 


This is something echoed by ALRIGHT, a band that is good at music, good at telling a story, good at indirectly involving a wide target audience.