Dublin's WISE UP Release Passionate Single 'Nostalgia'

Published on 2 April 2023 at 14:47


The 1990's. An era that in many ways was defined by its music. Britpop. Acid House. Boybands. Grunge.  There's a lot there for today's bands to be influenced by. Looking back, there is a lot for us all to be nostalgic about.


The Dublin, Ireland based Wise Up released their latest single, 'Nostalgia' at the start of last month. Drawing on their 90's influences, notably grunge, the band has produced a track that more than nods towards the golden decade yet firmly has its feet in 2023. The guitar sound is  cleverly balanced - a clean and driven sound that mingles pleasingly with ear pleasing distortion - a method that Wise Up have put to great effect. The vocals here provide a certain ambience that help to form an altogether atmospheric experience. The end result is a fantastic single that the band quite rightly should feel proud of.



'Nostalgia' is the duo's third single in six months which is a testament to their drive and work  ethic. Wise Up's passion, air of authenticity and overall sound means that they have entered the Irish music scene with aplomb, which the music press has duly taken note of with the band already featuring in an array of indie blogs.  


About their future, the band said "we have a lot planned for the upcoming months, and will continue to release and write new music – all featuring hauntingly nostalgic moods, tones and lyrics that put a sharp spin on an otherwise blunt world."


'Nostalgia' certainly ticks all of the above boxes. A triumphant, poignant and passionate release.


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