MOLLY BAKER Shines On Latest Single 'Beautiful Chaos'

Published on 7 April 2023 at 07:50

By Thomas Emory


The punchy first single released from Molly Baker’s debut album is a fast-paced and relatable perspective on starting high school.


Beautiful Chaos brings a driving soundscape of guitars that are reminiscent of Paramore’s earlier work and an irresistibly catchy chorus that you’ll find yourself singing along to on the first listen.


On the song, Baker suggested that her meaning and intentions are best summed up by the lyrics; “first day of freshman year, in this strange new atmosphere, almost cried all my mascara off, two steps in and I'm already lost", that capture the agonisingly painful ride to the first day of school.



The pop-punk inspired track follows up Baker’s previous release, Must Be Nice, from the summer of 2022 and displays a distinct sonic departure from this softer, almost acoustic piece of work (that is also well worth checking out!).

If Beautiful Chaos is anything to go by, Molly Baker’s debut album, Plot Twist, will certainly be one to look out for. Recorded in Washington D.C. and worked on with LA based producer, Pete Adams, there’s clearly a lot to be excited about in this upcoming, edgy and upbeat solo artist’s career.