Published on 5 April 2023 at 09:49

Curated by Adam Wright


This week's Single Of The Week is a tune named ‘This Is It’, which comes from Dimes who, incensed by the injustices of modern life, bring a big heavy sound to kick back against it. track’s social commentary is supported by heavy and distorted riffs, crafting a dark, industrial atmosphere of apprehension. Its lyrics - which focus on the dog-eat-dog nature of society - are chiselled and abrasive, furthering the feelings of discontent. Since their formation in 2021, Dimes have been making impressions in their home town of Birmingham and beyond and ‘This Is It’ will no doubt continue their rise. 


Next up this week is the new drop from Wild Horse. The new track is named ‘Angles’ and comes ahead of the Sussex trio’s forthcoming tour. A pop-inflected indie sound oozes confidence; centring around the ambiguity of early romance. Bright guitars and soft vocals give the tune a disarming quality and, having already caught the attention of UK indie fans, Wild Horse are well on their way...Liam Dutch is next with his new tune, ‘Freaky Dreams’. This track is the singer-songwriter’s first release of 2023. The track feels like a natural progression of his sound and sees Dutch exposed against piano chords and soft synths, with his velvet vocal tones - akin to Alex Turner - layered into the mix, providing the track with an endearing up are Unstuck, who have also released their first track of 2023. The tune, titled ‘Working Man!’ is a snappy and nostalgic cut with its roots in late nineties brit-pop. Distorted indie guitars, excitable instrumentation and lively vocals give the tune its body, while extended instrumentals drive home its loose is Body Type with their new tune, ‘Holding On’. It’s a soaring and fast-paced rocker, with an attitude to match. Clean guitars punctuate minimalist drums, providing the tune with distinctive buoyancy while lyrics - which reflect on the creation of memories - float atop. It’s the second taste we’ve had of the band’s second LP, which is due for release in June this, this week is Crawlers, who have dropped the reminiscent ‘That Time Of Year Always’. The track yearns for the ignorance we once had, doing so with a driven guitar line laid against crashing drums. Landing somewhere between indie rock and dream pop, the track sees the Merseyside four-piece expanding into blissful soundscapes of introspection...finally, this week we’ve got The Gulps with their new single, ‘Surrender’. The song - about first loves and the fragility of youth - is a punchy and lyrically poignant effort. Scratchy, jolting guitars mould an urgent and passionate core to the track as it explores its subject matter. Currently, under the wing of manager, Alan McGee, the group are fast building a platform within the indie scene. 


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