Published on 11 April 2023 at 15:45

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to this week’s singles round-up, where OSM collects some of the hottest and most exciting releases of the past week and compiles them in a playlist for your listening pleasure. As ever, the first one on the list is this week’s Single Of The Week. This week it comes from the ever-developing STONE. The Liverpool band’s new track, titled ‘Left Right Forward’, is as punky as the group’s previous efforts, complete with The Clash-inspired guitars and rampant lyricism straight from Punk’s original incarnation. Last year saw the band take audiences by storm and ‘Left Right Forward’ - the first drop since their December EP - kicks off what looks to be yet another big year. 


Next, this week is Vice Killer with their tune, ‘The Red Sky’. Pulling together influences from across the indie and Britpop scene, the track showcases a solid instrumental body of bright guitar tones and tight rhythms that juxtapose its exploration of negative feelings. The song is the first to be released by the group this year and makes a good start for their 2023…Also making their first appearance of 2023 is Berries, who dropped ‘Control’ last week. It’s the first drop following the release of their debut album last year, announcing their return with a rocking and edgy cut. Focussing on channeling inner strength, the track is a jagged and noise-driven number destined for the live stage…sticking with abrasive sounds, this week’s next track comes from Opus Kink. Their new song, ‘1 : 18’ is the second release taken from their forthcoming EP and continues down the track its predecessor took. A song is, in the band’s words, about ‘letting your hair down’; something facilitated by its unrelenting drums and rousing vocal delivery. It showcases the majestic chaos that the band are, at this point, well known for…next is the venomous new cut from the Belfast-based Enola Gay. The track is called ‘PTS.DUP’ and is politically charged - expressing anger at the growing incidence of violence and increased division in their home country. Its message is delivered with the subtlety of a hammer, with noisy and industrial sounds pounding it home…the indie hitmaker, Ten Tonnes is next with his new single, ‘Dancing, Alone’. The tune, which is the title track of his forthcoming album, is a pensive effort that dives into examinations of isolation. Punchy instrumentation pushes the song forward while wistful synths punctuate the introspection of its lyrics. Ten Tonnes has long since proven his ability to produce indie disco bliss, and this tune continues that trend…and finally for this week is solo artist Peter Richardson, who’s released his new single, ‘Emily’. The song is as honest as it is minimalist; showing off the Dublin-based singer’s mournful vocal over gentle acoustic guitars, subtle drums and ghostly backing vocals. Focusing on a story of heartbreak, the tune pulls influences from the likes of Hozier and Bon Iver and makes a great addition to the singer’s discography. 


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