ABNORM Release Their Powerfully Melodic New Single 'Red Lines'

Published on 14 April 2023 at 13:48

By Katie Simkins



The latest single from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne band, Abnorm, is a powerful, melodic track that sounds both familiar and fresh. Blending powerhouse guitar riffs and elements of synthpop, Abnorm’s sound is raw, authentic, and full of energy. The single, titled “Red Lines”, is reminiscent of the likes of Paramore, with the lead vocalist's powerful voice taking centre stage.


The song's theme is topical, talking about the struggles faced by those who’ve experienced the isolation of Covid-19. The lyrics paint a picture of the frustration and uncertainty of self-isolation, as explained by Abbie Rose (vocalist, songwriter, bass): “The two red lines of a lateral flow test kept me room-bound during a period of self-isolation. The experience encapsulated a brutal process of overcoming not only the illness but the overall loneliness that came with the isolation. Alex McArthur (Abnorm’s producer) and I wrote the music together over the phone and it became our next release. Essentially, ‘Red Lines’ was written during a fever dream, and it consists of a prayer to a higher power asking what I have done to deserve to be afflicted this way.” 


The band consists of Abbie Rose, Jamie Budge (lead guitar), Matthew Middleton (rhythm guitar and bass), and Michael Bull (drums). This release follows on from the success of previous release ‘Good Riddance’ which received high praise. 

Tom Robinson had the following to say about Abnorm: “Gobsmacking tune from the North East, managed to pack their passionate and ambitious mini-epic into two and a half, delicious, prog-flavoured minutes”.


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