GROUNDSTATE Release Crushing New Single ‘Floating Away’

Published on 14 April 2023 at 14:26

Words by Katie Elliot


Cleveland’s rock duo, Groundstate, recently dropped their crushing new single, ‘Floating Away’, a song that definitely stands out amongst their catalogue. 


From the opening notes, the track builds with a pulsating beat and driving guitar riffs that immediately entice. Strong and emotive vocals rip through the explosive melody with lyrics that speak of feeling lost and disconnected, delivered with a rawness and honesty that make them all the more impactful. 


The band's instrumental synergy is tight and well-executed, with each member playing an essential role in creating the song's overall sound. The chorus is particularly memorable, with a soaring melody and anthemic feel. 


Describing the sound of ‘Floating Away’ and the new album ‘The Things We Leave Unsaid’ that it’ll complement as “raw” and “unapologetic”, the band said: “We’ve never wanted to hold back. What you hear is exactly who we are. We don’t pull any punches. It feels good to finally be able to make the kind of album that we’ve truly wanted to make and bring back something that is missing from the music world.”



Emerging in 2014, Groundstate comprises brothers Aidan (guitar) and Connor (vocals) who share a deep bond by writing music that connects to listeners on a new level. Placing their own new and modern stamp on sounds reminiscent of heavy 90s alt rock, the band’s memorable shows at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Tri-C Rock Off have quickly developed a devoted and ever-growing fan base around Ohio. ‘Floating Away’ is an impressive release and a must-listen for all and any alt rock fans.


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