THE UNDERCLASS Show Mellower Side With Latest Single 'Time and Fate'

Published on 18 April 2023 at 20:55

BY  Tom Farmer 


With their brief time as a band being defined by a big sound and heavy guitars, the latest offering from the Stoke-On-Trent four-piece The Underclass is a step in a mellower direction. With Albarn-esque vocals and Lathums-y guitar, the song sounds comfortingly familiar, but perhaps lacks real impetus. 


A band rising from the ashes of the pandemic, the Underclass has amassed streams and sold gig tickets at an impressive rate, the outfit are definitely doing something right. With a clear identity and undeniable talent, it is good to see a band taking a step outside their comfort zone. The present yet not overstated driving guitar keeps the track at a metronomic pace, whilst vocals akin to a 90s Britpop band gives the track real warmth and sentimentality- seemingly what The Underclass set out to do with this latest tune. 



The song is chilled and has a hazy vibe to it, comforting and subtle in its sonic value. Yet, at some points, it feels as though the song has slipped a bit too far down this spectrum, grinding to a halt like a car running out of petrol. The ending, in particular, seems to fizzle out in a slightly underwhelming close. 


The Underclass are a beacon of hope in a music scene which, although progressing very nicely, is still a little too dominated by anoraks, haircuts and all-male four-pieces. Whilst “Time and Fate” might fall just shy of the mark, it’s always exciting to see a band take a new direction.


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