'In The Underground' Is The Personal And Honest Latest Release From ALI RICE

Published on 19 April 2023 at 16:20

By Katie Simkins


The new single, 'In The Underground' by artist Ali Rice is a fantastic new addition to the world of indie music. The song focuses on the inner conflict of wanting to help a struggling parent whilst feeling unable to do so due to personal struggles. Inspired by the likes of Kings of Leon, Sam Fender and The 1975, Rice takes the best of the genre and has created a well-crafted song which is personal and heart-felt, however potentially lacks a greater sense of individuality necessary in the well-crowded genre.


The production is well accomplished and showcases the potential of Ali Rice as an upcoming artist, with the dynamic changes in the song keeping the listener hooked. The melodies are catchy and add to the greater emotionality of the single, layering classic indie rock guitar sounds with piano, strings and synth.


Rice's songwriting skills are evident in the lyrics, which are emotive and relatable, but the music itself doesn't quite stand out in an ever-growing field of indie artists. However, it's evident that his music comes straight from the heart, and the lyrics will strike a chord with anyone who has been in a similar situation. 



From this single it’s clear to see that Ali Rice is one to watch. In The Underground is worth a listen for fans of indie music who appreciate personal, introspective lyrics and well-crafted instrumentation. 


RGM Magazine had the following to say about In The Underground: “In The Underground is a very solid outing for Rice, with a radio-friendly sound that will definitely grab the attention of anyone wanting a rock sound without too much heaviness baked into the mix.”