‘Train Of Life’: ATARI PILOT’s Dynamic New Song That Is Already Rightfully Grabbing Admirers

Published on 8 May 2023 at 14:51

Words: Max Bradfield


Anthemic indie rock band, Atari Pilot have stayed true to form on their latest track ‘Train Of Life’ – presenting a track rife with energy and power, alongside some more semi-ambient subtleties.


Taken off their upcoming album, ‘Train Of Life’ is an exciting precursor that brings listeners soaring melodies with the band’s new chapter. The track begins with a driving rhythm section that brilliantly sets the pace from the start. Then an artfully mixed guitar enters the fray – it's nearly empty and present at the same time; all the while infected by this fuzzy, industrial effect.


As we get acquainted with the instrumental side of things, an ascending vocal joins the party – floating effortlessly in effort and guile to contribute to this all-round uplifting ethos. The very chorus of the song epitomises this, seemingly encouraging its audience to embrace the journey of life in rousing fashion.


From station to station, carriages are full of expectation. Rolling on till the tracks run out, it’s the journey you can’t live without.”

With this track, Atari Pilot have produced a fine high-energy anthem with a cool and breezy presence – coming about perfectly to combat the imminent summer heat. It’s no wonder that the band, who’s inspirations stretch from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Oasis to Daft Punk, already have keen admirers. The song has already been featured as Devizine's track of the week and has already been spun on Amazing Radio's Indie Stream and included on the "is this thing on?" podcast.


It seems for the band that released their debut album all the way back in 2011, that 2023 is an all-important new chapter. Atari Pilot remain committed to their mission of creating music that inspires and empowers, and this year sparks a new start – with this single setting up a new album due for this summer.