Ukrainian-Canadian Actor And Singer-Songwriter VITALIA Releases New Track 'Too Naive'

Published on 12 May 2023 at 14:10



Some songs make your mind move, while others make your body rock in the direction of the music. In Vitalia’s case, a Ukrainian-Canadian actor and singer-songwriter, her tracks incorporate every element to ensure listeners get the full experience.

No more is this exemplified by her latest single ‘Too Naive’, which makes up just a morsel of the eclectic artist’s upcoming EP "Darlin’” as she explores different phases of relationships.

From going through flirty situationships to post-breakup empowerment, her first EP refuses to scratch just the surface. With ‘Too Naive’, through the funky, warped instrumentals that bring the dance mood to your summer festivities, is the exploration of stage one of a relationship and the questioning of whether both people really want a commitment or if they’re just playing a game.



Unsure and unwilling to be confined to just one genre, Vitalia started her music journey at just six years old, with the desire to explore a whole host of textures in her soundscapes. She says her influences are mainly found within Florence + The Machine, Coldplay, Okean Elzy, Paramore, and ABBA, but there are also hints of Jazz, RnB, and Funk straddling between the fast-paced psychedelic ambience.

The cauldron of different sounds emulsified into one makes for a playful sound and one you can expect to enjoy over a few in the garden or at any festivals you have planned over the coming months.

If you happen to be in and around Montreal, make sure you go catch an encyclopedic performance from the very talented Vitalia.