THE TOO LATE’s ‘Just Don’t Tell Me’ Is An “Instant Hit Of Dopamine From The Get Go”

Published on 16 May 2023 at 22:27

Words: Max Bradfield


Back in the depths of April, (yes we’re aware of the time passed) The Too Late released their latest track and the Scottish group have assured us it’s a good one. 


Well, safe to say we agree. Pulsating synths start this tune, and a quickly identifiable, lyrical pattern emerges. It’s a pattern that sticks as the pace and beat grow in confidence. The Glasgow boys hit an instantly likeable chord with this song – one that’s sure to capture an ever-increasing audience as the band themselves have risen from a duo to a four-piece.


“‘Just Don’t Tell Me’ takes listeners through the journey of reliving those first few months within a new relationship. The lyrics and production help convey the feeling of not knowing how committed the other person is in the relationship or if they share the same feelings as you. It is instantly relatable and with catchy guitar hooks and chopped up vocal samples and synths it keeps the user engaged and energised. Musically the track reflects the feelings of the two parties at the start of this new relationship, with the highs, lows, and everything in between.”


As the band continue to evolve, they nod to influences like the synth-y sounds of early The 1975, yet still carve out their own sound. This April song comes as the band’s seventh single and serves as the first of several exciting releases due for this year. Having surpassed 25k streams and with social followers doubling in the short space of a year, more opportunities present themselves. 


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