LIAM DUTCH Presents His Second Release Of 2023 With ‘You Can Be The Star’, A Playful Glam Rock Showing

Published on 17 May 2023 at 21:48

Words: Max Bradfield


The talented Liam Dutch brought out ‘You Can Be The Star’ on the 5th of May, the exciting follow up release to earlier-2023 material ‘Freaky Dreams’. Recorded in Graham Wann’s studio in Shenzhen, this one comes from China with love as Dutch presents a track with flecks of inspiration from The Chemical Brothers and The Charlatans.


Surging chords and a ringmaster-esque delivery from Dutch brings forth this circus of a high flying narrative, a strongman, weighty drop chorus, a lion taming thumping percussion, and then the utter carnage of the end comes in – like a stuntman shooting himself out of a cannon. 


On his new single, Liam Dutch said: 

The song came together quickly in terms of the writing. I wrote it over the week before the studio sessions so it actually replaced another tune. I liked the idea of a drop chorus and then it kicking off a bit at the end.”


Liam Dutch has historically received high praise from various outlets such as here at Our Sound Music, Music For All and Music Scene Wales. Amazing Radio are also strong supporters, with DJ’s Jim Gellanty and Charlie Ashcroft both personally selecting Dutch’s previous releases for airplay. Dutch has a strong presence on Social Media (over 10k Twitter followers) and a growing Spotify listenership which is a testament to the quality of his back catalogue that is ever-improving. 


Dutch hit new heights in 2022 and looks to steadily continue with songs like this. Last year’s singles ‘What’s Your Problem’ and ‘Settle Down’ found plaudits from Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft. Additionally, Dutch’s debut EP Melancholy Junction’ drew acclaim from various quarters of the music press and has been more than present amongst the independent radio scene. Building on last year’s acclaim, 2023 could be another big 12 months for the Brit in China as his second EP looms on the horizon. 


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