EZRAE Returns With Golden New Single 'Nosebleed'

Published on 17 May 2023 at 22:02



Sometimes I think to myself that I'm dating these types of guys on purpose so I can write cool songs about them when it all goes sour."


This wasn’t exactly the best description I could find amidst the press release given to me for Ezrae’s latest single ‘Nosebleed’, but I thought it might be the one that sums up Eve the most.


An Our Sound Music friend, Ezrae writes, sings, and produces songs from everyday experiences. She does so in a way that is gripping, addictive, and, somehow, relatable. A girl that lives life in her head as she jots down memories on the go to return weeks, months, or years later to recollect the happenings and shape it into art in the form of music.


Honestly, there is nothing ornate about the meaning behind her latest release. But Ezrae can take something from nothing and make it a song you have on repeat for the foreseeable future. 


As she explains herself, ‘Nosebleed’ is about:The first time I went clubbing, I was making out with this guy. I won't name him because he doesn't actually know I wrote this song; I'll tell him eventually. 


"Anyway we bumped heads a little too quickly and I had the biggest nosebleed of my life in a booth at this club, and it was so embarrassing.  Months later, I was going through my notes app in the studio with Jamie and saw this list ( I keep track of the guys I've kissed to show my friends), and his name had nosebleed next to it, and I had a lot of nosebleeds around this time before writing the song so it felt like a sign that I should write about one."


But, in essence, this is what makes her newest track, her first in over a year, so listenable. You needn’t know the background, just like you don’t need to be in a certain mood to blast it. Just stick it on and bob along to the featherweight vocals that are carried smoothly by RnB undertones before reaching a pop climax in an explosion of moreish soundscapes.


’Nosebleed’ feels like a long time coming as Ezrae seemingly took her foot off the pedals and coasted along in 2022. But since its release, she has been here, there, and everywhere. I, for one, love it. Though yet to catch her live, videos show a young up and coming star that effortlessly controls the stage and sets about capturing the undivided attention of the crowd with her vocal magic.


With just three releases on Spotify, there is an undying craving for more from the Midlands rocker. She’s a brilliant storyteller, a great vocalist, and she has the ability to turn everything she touches to gold. 


But while we wait for the next song, ’Nosebleed’ will fill the void with its palpable catchiness and intangible energy. It is the perfect track for a returning artist we expect a lot more from throughout the rest of the year.


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