FROM INSIDE Continue Their Momentum With New Track 'Say The Word'

Published on 25 May 2023 at 21:54



“'From Inside’ are here to get you through those bad days!”


This is what it reads on the first line of the  band’s Spotify bio, and I love it. Firstly, because who doesn’t enjoy uplifting music? But secondly, and most importantly, because it’s true!


A healthy blend of soft vocals, dreamy pop synths, and pulsating guitar riffs is what the band, who come from the very same high school in Liverpool as The Beatles attended, pack in their latest release ‘Say The Word.’


It entails lyrics that explore the concept of hope. Inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem, From Inside centre their approach around the importance of the right words and the fragile nature of how much they can hurt someone.



‘Say The Word’ looks at continuing the band’s success that streamed out of the previous two singles ‘Let Me In’ and ‘The Right One’, with both obtaining exclusive premieres on BBC Radio 1’s Introducing Rock Show with Alyx Holcombe.


From Inside are soaring. By capturing the imagination with their delicate sonic of dreamy pop synths and bouncing rhythms, it’s a sound best heard over the summer. For your dose of the band’s music, ‘Say The Word’ is a good introduction, but we recommend you look at their entire discography too.


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