Gig Review | ManyWild | Ivory Blacks, Glasgow | 12.05.2023

Published on 27 May 2023 at 21:01

By Craig McInnes


As the sun beats down on the city centre of Glasgow on one of the hottest days of the year, what better way to spend your night than in a sweaty venue seeing exciting bands? Exactly, there’s nothing better. I went along to the city's mainly alt venue, the Ivory Blacks to catch 4-piece grunge/punk band, ManyWild


The lineup was filled with three amazing bands ranging from Glasgow to Belgium and that’s what makes these nights such a great occasion - the showcase of local and wide spread bands is what really stands out for me personally. Looking prior to the show, the backing for each band was great to see both on social media and streaming services that showed the talent on show by all three. 


First to take to the stage were Edinburgh based indie/rock band Dazed and Confused. The four-piece from the capital got things going with the grooviest start and saw some fine two step dancers throughout the room. Singer Callum was fully in the swing of things and can instantly tell the fun had on stage. The set consisted of a mixture of the bands catalogue that saw them introduce a few new songs including a song with no name as yet but just couldn't be missed from the set. 

The bands latest single, ‘Who's In My Mind’ gained a good reception from the crowd, this was also the first we saw Callum on guitar as he slammed his way through this - prior to this, as they played another new song, we had some 'technical difficulties' as Callum jokingly states, don't play with the mic as he unplugs mid song but powers through still screaming the words the crowd. 


A set that was certainly a strong start to the night that was hailed well by both band and crowd there. 


Next we saw the introduction of Belgian outfit, Subatomic Stranges - this was the band's first time playing in Scotland and judging by the response from the crowd, it won't be their last. Founded in just 2019, the female fronted band from Roeselare bring their alt pop/rock sound with a nice eighties vibe thrown right in there. Hooded up in a black cloak, singer Sharon enters the stage as the band kick into their opening song of the night, ‘The Evil That Dwells Within Us ‘All quickly followed by the band's debut single, ‘Enough of You’.


With a jam packed set the band power on with proceedings with a very enjoyable set and having a big crowd looking on, they absolutely impressed. Throwing in a good chunk of their recent album Special Satellite that landed in just September last year that's saw a great response from fans and the media alike. Singles including ‘De Ja Vu’ and ‘Pretty Faces’ made their way onto the set. With the additions of new tracks, it gives an exciting insight to the next chapter in the bands already stacked career.

With the crowd warmed and entertained by both amazing support bands, the stage was set and ready for its headliners - it’s time for ManyWild. A crowd filled with friends, family and fans and even both support bands, something for me that always stands out. 


The female fronted 4-piece has yet to release music, it led me to head into this set with an open mind and straight to the point, I was not disappointed. They owned the stage and the room from the get go. It’s easy to see why this band were booked to play elite venues like Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh and a show in their hometown of Glasgow taking to the stage of the iconic King Tuts. After watching one set, I can only see more appearances in more iconic rooms quickly round the corner. 


Despite having no public music, the crowd danced along to everything played whether they knew or saw such amazing fan participation at any given moment and indulging themselves in everything the band threw at them. 


Ending off on ‘Memento Mori’ followed by an encore of ‘Out of Sight’, it was a great finale to a quite simply incredible set put on by the Glaswegians. For me their aim is clear as to where they want to go and how they want to get there and it’s to be admired. This band has something special and I just know we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the near future - I for one will certainly be back. 

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John McCulloch
a year ago

Well done Manywild