MATT SAXTON Battles His Inner Sanctum With Emotion-Fraying Folk Release ‘Freedom’

Published on 28 May 2023 at 22:23

Words: Max Bradfield


East Sussex based singer/songwriter Matt Saxton brought out his latest track ‘Freedom’ on the 19th of May and it’s a brilliant, shimmering follow up to his highly rated 2022 album ‘It’s Only Now That I Know’.


This track revolves around the blissful idea of escape against a harsh, suffocating backdrop of depression and the expert use of contrast between lyrics and instruments equates to an excellent, emotive musical display that I for one, wish was longer. A soft piano chord loop sample kicks off the track before then being paired with a liquid drumbeat and ultra-positive bass line to provide an ethereal early 00’s atmosphere.


The track reminds me of the liminal disassociation of a ropey desktop flash player gaming website and some of the games’ soundtracks from that era. You’re almost floating in a nostalgia-bound bliss whilst the harsh reality of the lyrics clamour at the door. In the creation of this song, Saxton was more than assured in his methods and their desired effects. 


“Freedom is about a desire to escape oneself, even for a short time, while under the pain and stress of depression. There’s a downbeat theme but with an uplifting liquid drum and bass rhythm.”


Whilst listening, this contrast of downbeat themes to the liquid drum and bass play nicely in the audience perhaps losing themselves – with the song achieving a mini-escape of its own as it plays within the space of the positives and the negatives. My favourite part of the track is that within Saxton’s voice, there is a homely familiarity – and despite the deep yearning for escape in the midst of depression – his voice imposes a slight hope. His layered harmonies and inflections remind me of Gotye, presenting a handcrafted subtlety within a mix that truly combines the modern electronica with earthy folk.



This single is the first from Saxton’s new, upcoming album and is the perfect track to introduce a new chapter for the artist. This year’s work follows the rave reviews that came in 2022 and in this limbo of pre-album excitement, it seems right to reflect on what we could see again... 


‘’An album full of honest emotion, depth and warming musical textures, ‘It’s Only Now That I Know’ is a masterclass in reflecting hard-hitting lyricism with at times upbeat soundscapes to create music with depth and appeal beyond its emotional lyrical content. ‘’ Back Seat Mafia

‘’Overall, the album is a standout piece of work that showcases his quality. “It’s Only Now That I Know” is an emotional rollercoaster and we can’t wait for you to hear it.’’ Music Crowns

‘’It’s Only Now That I Know is a memorable collection of emotively powerful song writing.’’ Obscure Sounds

‘’Overall, this a strong statement from the British talent, who puts himself on the map as a very talented songwriter.’’ Mesmerized


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