HARKER’s New Single ‘Out The Window’ Is An Exhilarating Two Minutes Blitz Of Brighton Punk

Published on 30 May 2023 at 20:59

Words: Max Bradfield


Back on the 12th of May, south coast punk band Harker released their latest single ‘Out The Window’ with Wiretap Records – and it’s a corker of a track that sets up the exciting news of a plethora of live dates.


Although short in length, ‘Out The Window’ is jam-packed with all the good stuff listeners with a penchant for UK punk appreciate. From the rapid, throbbing drums, to the grungy guitars – we hear Harker develop their own sound further whilst clearly alluding to past greats. Tone wise, the guitars instantly hit a Pixies level, whilst harmonies intertwined between lead singer Mark Boniface and bassist Phoebe strike similarities (to me) how Slowdive played with the power of both male and female vocals.


It’s no wonder then, that the band file themselves within the ‘Emogaze’ sub-genre – and further in this breathless track we see darker influences, approaching a marvellously disjointed guitar breakdown at the 1:20 mark. It’s like something you’d hear jaunt out of Thurston Moore’s jagged Fender Jazzmaster.


Since forming in 2015, Harker have steadily established themselves within the UK punk scene; with two full length albums released worldwide through Wiretap Records. On the live circuit, the group have rightfully fuelled this determined reputation – relentlessly playing and racking up miles around the UK. Tours at home and abroad have seen festival slots for Manchester Punk Fest, Call of The Wild, Right To Roam, Popmonument, Washed Out and Booze Cruse.


Support places have also come for the likes of The Wildhearts, Gouge Away, The Wedding Present, Spanish Love Songs, Magnapop and Spielbergs. This year already, the band have released two tracks. ‘Wasting Time’ arrived in March to much acclaim, with ‘Out The Window’ a great follow up. After this, there are two more to come. 



As much as Harker’s commercial and practical reputation grows, the band’s press emphasises an ethical side too, explaining this song’s weight amidst turbulent modern times:

The track is inspired by the persistent existential angst of the impending climate crisis, ‘Out The Window’ is a furious, yet thoughtful modern protest anthem. Harker fits perfectly into the cultural zeitgeist, fusing elements of the post-punk revival with vintage power-pop hooks. Capturing the despair of a generation left to deal with the problem on their own, this is one of the most urgent punk songs to emerge from the UK this year. It’s perfect for politically charged, progressive punk playlists.”