We Spoke With THE REMEDY CLUB About The Release Of Their New Album, 'Back To You'

Published on 1 June 2023 at 06:56


The Remedy Club are an Irish roots/Americana duo who third album is out now.


OSM: Your third album, 'Back To You' is out now. How does the new album compare with your previous two albums and what differences can listeners expect?

Our previous album 'True Hand True Heart' was recorded in Nashville. I think this one takes us more in the direction of Memphis/New Orleans at times. This is the first time we have a string quartet with string arrangements and a brass section so that immediately changes the overall sound in comparison to our first two albums. Audiences can expect a fully packed 12 song album with some upbeat, feel-good tracks such as the horns-driven 'Roll With It' and 'Back To You', hook-laden rock n' roll songs with a big pop sensibility ala Sheryl Crow, The Pretenders, and Fleetwood and it's also peppered with some heartfelt introspective songs with some aching pedal steel.

OSM: What is your typical writing process?

There really isn't a 'typical' process as such. It varies a lot with us. Often a melody will come into my head and it already has hints of what the song might be about with certain lyrics attached. I often find when I give myself space there is room for an idea to come through. After that, it feels like a translation and trying to figure out what the song is about. The collaboration between Kj and me works really well. I can often relate a melody to him and he will immediately get it. Sometimes he will have a melody with some written lyrics and I will come in and tweak them or we work collaboratively.

OSM: Do you have any favourite songs from the album?

We both love the feel-good factor in 'Roll With It'. It's been a challenging few years at times and this song makes us feel like we just have to keep on going and make the most of things. We also love the groove in 'Boleyn's Blues', the heart in 'Your Light Shines' and the somewhat epic, otherworldly nature of 'I'm Going Home', which draws on the uplifting, yet melancholic style of a New Orleans funeral march.


OSM: Which of the new tracks are you looking forward to playing live the most?

Probably 'Roll With It' but we are also dying to hear a bit of that aching pedal steel on 'Your Light Shines'. We are just so excited about hearing all the songs performed with a full live band away from the studio.

OSM: The album features some notable contributors - how did that come about and what did they bring to the album?

We go way back with Aongus Ralston (The Waterboys). He has played bass on most of our albums going back to our previous band 'B & The Honeyboy'. Aongus always brings a major groove and a great attitude and is a joy to work with. We were introduced to Mark Colbert through mutual friends. We had worked a little with Gavin Glass over the years and we knew he would immediately get the kind of sound we were looking for. His musical references are so on point and he knows the kind of music we love creating. He brought in Binzer Brennan and the brass and string section. Liam Bates who did the string arrangement is an old friend. We had toured with the amazing Kyshona Armstrong (American singer) in the UK and we just knew her backing vocals on 'Roll With It' would be perfect. All of the musicians who played on the album are so talented and sound in equal measure, which is really important to us.

OSM: And finally, which other musicians or bands have had an influence on your music?

We both have a real eclectic taste in music but are both deeply influenced by roots, country, Americana music. We have always loved Steve Earle, First Aid Kit, Lucinda Williams, Maple Staples, Brandi Carlie, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Fleetwood Mac. I think that list kind of gives you an idea of where we're at musically.