PASSIVE FIX’s New Single ‘I’ll Take It All’ Sees The Midlands Band Explore Their Creativity

Published on 1 June 2023 at 14:11

Words: Max Bradfield


The genre-defying Passive Fix have returned today with their latest single ‘I’ll Take It All’, the follow up track to their acclaimed previous release ‘Red Lights’.


‘I’ll Take It All’ was recorded at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and was produced, mixed and mastered by the band themselves. The band’s narrative of choice for this one? - Dealing with the cycle of grief. Written by songwriter, vocalist and saxophonist Alex McCarthy, the group provides a thoughtful take on such a daunting topic. 


A gothic, swirling soundscape is established before charring guitars rip through to present a heavier tone. That tone continues yet is juxtaposed nicely by McCarthy’s lead vocal that strikes parallels with Nothing But Thieves in the way it dances on a harsher background. Distorted, effect ridden shrieks burst through to power the chorus and almost mimic the writhing chaos of a Call Of Duty zombie.


From what I’ve written up to this point, you could paint this song as a metal infused jam – yet the band truly distinguish themselves as those who play through the corridors of uncertainty between genres. 


The song moves and flows. On one hand, there’s the heavy nature described - such as the squealing Opus Kink-esque sharp notes and bellowing vocal cries. Yet, on the other there are subtle acoustic notes, delicate changes in tempo and a near-ascending vocal section towards the end. The shifts of tone the band employ not only show their musical versatility, but also aptly demonstrate their vulnerable subject matter, as McCarthy explains:

The protagonist is experiencing loss and as a result he wants to escape into the wilderness. He starts to question his faith and blames others for his loss, pushing them away. The song’s change in tone represents the protagonist's journey through the cycles of grief.



This song not only continues to add more to the young band’s growing reputation, but it’s also an exciting precursor for what’s to come – as ‘I’ll Take It All’ features on the soundtrack of their upcoming short film, ‘A Divine Descent’ which is due for release on the 23rd of June.


With a growing fanbase which is demonstrated by their thousands of streams on Spotify, popular Youtube shorts and a regular vlog named ‘Passive Vlogs’, Passive Fix really have created their own music universe that fans are encouraged to engage with. This is reflected in their live shows which are high octane, unpredictable and thrilling. On stage the band uses a variety of technology and instruments which sets them apart from their contemporaries.


Passive Fix have been described as "a brilliant rising talent", a "stand out" band who "redefine genres and bring something new to the table", creating their "own musical universe". They have been featured on national and international radio stations and podcasts including Amazing Radio, Hive Radio, BBC Introducing in the West Midlands, East Midlands and Northamptonshire.