WILD CELIA’S Glistening Release ‘Secret Moons’ Takes More Contemporary Angles Amidst A Slew Of Retro Comparisons

Published on 2 June 2023 at 18:09

Words: Max Bradfield


Wild Celia stormed rampantly onto the British music scene in 2022 and instantly struck up a great rapport with a number of key admirers. Critical acclaim came for their debut single ‘Waiting For Love’ last Autumn, with weighty comparisons stretching from  “Fleetwood Mac to the softer side of The Rolling Stones” (Clunk Magazine). No pressure… In April, the duo of Emilie and Tommy returned with Marquee Records bringing out ‘Secret Moons’; a strutting, confident track with nods to perhaps more modern influences.


Initially whilst even looking at ‘Secret Moons’, you’re struck by the brilliant album art. With subtle psychedelic hues of purple, pink, brown and yellow – there is this play on that aforementioned retro  inspiration. It is also strikingly familiar with that of Texas band Khruangbin’s artwork.


So, we’ve got the image, but what about the sound? Well, listeners are welcomed by a boisterous, determined guitar riff that begins in quite jagged territory. Emilie’s slick vocals slide through early, like throwing a velvet blanket onto a rocky mountain side. Luscious keys drift in for the pre-chorus approach and in turn, the guitars move from near-AM Arctic Monkeys territory to a more floating Foals movement. These gentle chords pair nicely with breezy synth, creating a certain depth in the track for all components to move and writhe with more than enough room. 



For their latest track from just a handful of releases, it is an impressive display from Wild Celia – encompassing a rich yet airy sound that offers plenty of potential to evolve further. This song was produced by Michael Smithson of RYP Studios, and working with the duo, this created a clearcut sound that’s easy to listen to. With murmurs of live dates and further releases in the pipeline, 2023 could still prove to be a big chapter in Wild Celia’s musical journey. 


Gritty, raunchy and raw, juxtaposed with flecks of Emilie’s delicate vocal side, ‘Secret Moons’ depicts the story of undeniable love that’s led by a spiritual ethereal force.” – The duo’s press release.


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