MARA LIDDLE Keeps Up Her Electric Momentum With Latest Single ‘Oversharing’

Published on 2 June 2023 at 18:29

Words: Max Bradfield


I’ve covered Mara Liddle’s music before for Our Sound Music with the rather hyper ‘Facebook Official’. Now, after tackling the tale of romance in a social media age, she’s back with her second offering from her upcoming EP – ‘Oversharing’. 


Oversharing’ chronicles the young artist’s experience within British university life. Thrusted out of the digital bubble of the online space, this tune examines encounters with new roommates and attempts to forge new friendships in this integral part of early adulthood. The concept of ‘Oversharing’ is admittedly a common one and Liddle toys with the ideas of boundaries and self-consciousness. How much should she truly give away and how much should she keep to herself?

Well, one thing that Liddle hasn’t kept hidden is this song itself – and it's already become a firm favourite with fans at live shows. There are airy keys. Vibrant electropop tones. A beat that bubble-wraps around the delicate auto tuned vocal nicely. Liddle possesses a jigsaw piece-like delivery that fits in perfectly with the wider picture puzzle of her own influences. We’re talking Charli XCX, Pink Pantheress and Shygirl. Although still carving out her sound, it’s clear to see why BBC Introducing has eyes on her within the ‘Ones to watch in 2023’ bracket.



This single came out back on the 19th of May and has duly made waves within Liddle’s fanbase. The tune itself was interestingly created in the space of a day in JB Thomas’ studio and will no doubt have fans looking forward to the upcoming EP release from the artist who has gone from the bedroom to the stage, via the studio.


She seems to have already nailed her niche of relationship navigation, and negotiating your twenties, all the while dressed head to toe in pink.” – The Leopheard.


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