Flirty FLO GALLOP Plays With Polygamy On New Single ‘Window Shopping’

Published on 11 June 2023 at 14:37

Words: Max Bradfield


South-East London’s Flo Gallop brought out her latest single on Thursday. ‘Window Shopping’ is a vibrant, chirpy track – and tells a tale of Gallop being tempted by the taboo of flirting with others while already being in a relationship.


In this upbeat, catchy song which plays in the realms of earworm territory – Gallop employs a mix of deadpan, yet attitude-splashed delivery of lyrics akin to clear inspirations Kate Nash or Lily Allen. Gallop constantly dances on a fine line, and this taboo elevates the song alongside her accent which shines further light on her individuality.


We can act like lovers do / we can flirt but I’m never going home with you / DM’s on a Saturday night but I didn’t put a kiss so that’s alright


In the mix, and behind nicely fitting rhymes, there’s a clean guitar. Working well with a bouncing beat and a layered lead lyric in parts – Flo has clearly made this song to get her pop-centric fans on their feet. Admittedly, this new song fits in well with the rest of her arsenal – on brand with navigating sassy anthems that revolve around modern relationships. From her press: Flo’s flirty and honest lyrics will make you want to jump up and down, scream in the shower, and block that d*ck who dared to ghost you.”


The track prior to this, ‘sorry for you, mate’, was featured on BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop class of 2022 and Gallop even found herself selected to take on intriguing slots. Appearances came at Jodie Bryant’s Discover Monthly Live at the prestigious Soho House White City hub, and in support of Mitch James on the London leg of his world tour.


Building on a successful past year that has had immense rumblings of pop potential, Gallop is set to play at Mighty Hoopla 2023 in London’s Brockwell Park – where she won the emerging talent place. 


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