THE FADES Unleash Their Fearless New Single 'Off The Record'

Published on 14 June 2023 at 07:28



There is a pencil-thin line between music and rage when it boils down to the genres that critically-acclaimed bands such as Nirvana and IDLES have highlighted.


So when reading into The Fades and their tendency to veer towards garage rock, the element of risk was high from the get-go. Looking at the lyrics sheet that featured “I don’t feel comfortable with my voice on record”, repeated throughout, didn’t do much to alleviate concern.


But while, yes, their new release “Off The Record” is gnarly and in your face, it is somewhat melodic, too. The vocals have the ability to lift the dead from their graves, and the bashing of the drums could be heard from a hundred miles away, but the single is ultimately rounded together by the cohesive and soaring guitars that imply a layer of intermission that the rest of the song’s power-rich sound lacks.



Coming off the back of a successful new album release in “Night Terrors”, The Fades are still yet to take their foot off the gas as the latest single is just one of three new belters coming this year.


The productivity is great, as are the tracks, but where the DIY aesthetic London-based band flourish most is on a stage. Though “Off The Record” is a blast in your ears alone, it won’t compare to the explosion heard at their upcoming shows scheduled throughout summer and the rest of the year.


'Off The Record' is out now and you can listen to the track below.


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