'Strange Weather' Is The Socially Conscious New Release From JENNY LASCELLES

Published on 14 June 2023 at 08:03



As previously selected for review in Our Sound Music’s weekly single recap, Jenny Lascelles impressed us with her single “Strange Weather”, which was gratefully delivered to our ears last week.


In this review, we said: "Newcastle-born Jenny Lascelles slows things down for our next track by exploring the unfolding sense of foreboding around climate change and, in the face of it, the fragility of our mental health and our relationships. 


"The solo singer-songwriter and pianist does a fantastic job in binding together dark undertones with a dreamy pop lacing that brings about a beautiful listen."


Still, this song has a lasting effect on us as we are seduced by the chokehold of Jenny’s powerful yet peaceful vocal skillset, while her equally admiring piano soundscape only adds to her lure.


 Photo: Jessie's Whimsical Photography


With a host of new releases still set to be delivered across 2023, Jenny has funded, created, and released three independent albums already, each to glowing reviews.


But the end is nowhere in sight as she continues to write and play music that is blissful and imaginative. It is difficult to see where the Newcastle talent can improve, but every time she brings us something new, she seems to place another foot ahead of the other.


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