'Like This', The New Release From CAT RYAN Is A Vocally Immersive Treat

Published on 16 June 2023 at 22:12



I love Cat Ryan. Since reviewing their artsy, in vogue single “Rex Mundi” last year, they have been in my streaming circuit, and seeing that they’ve released a new creation is always an injection of excitement.

With lead-singer Mary-Anne’s unique vocals, which floats, fades, distorts, and interchanges perpetually, the band use this as the basis of a listening experience that promises angular melodies, layered production and sonic diversity.

This is the case with their newest single “Like This”, which explores the pain of heartbreak and disappointment against the backdrop of the distinctive Cat Ryan soundscape aimed at uplifting those that give their music a spin.

It is a true gem once again and will feature on the band’s upcoming EP scheduled to be released later this year. But while you can hear the success of the band through the music itself, it is also away from their statement sonic that you can identify how far they’ve come.



Their busy live schedule, which finished with a close-to-capacity London concert in 2022, has trickled into the new year. Over this summer, you can catch them at Y Not Festival, Truck Festival, Belladrum Tartan Festival, among many others, while Cat Ryan are also shortlisted for Tramlines.

“Like This” is yet another classic Cat Ryan worldie. Artistically sublime, sonically enlivening, and vocally immersive. I’ve said this about a fair few musicians down the years, but they are one of my favourites, so there’s no reason they can’t be yours too.



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