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Hello and welcome to Our Sound Music’s weekly single reviews. It’s that time of the week where we look at the best of the best that this week has had to offer in new music and write a few lines about the finest tracks.


As always, we start off with our Single Of The Week. Gazelle takes the crown with their delivery of “Lady Blue Sky”, a production that takes a sample of the band’s signature sound and mixes it with the evolving sonics they have discovered along their path to being a force to be reckoned with. A psychedelic opening is punctuated by soaring vocals and anthemic riffs, giving this release a lot to unwrap as the Leicester-based group steps it up another notch.


Having just missed out by a hair’s breadth, Daisy Harris deserves a massive shout out this week as her new single “Your Girlfriend” sees Avril Lavigne meet her match. Daisy channels 2000’s girl power through three minutes of transcendental brilliance that features riveting velocity and lyrical angst dialled up to one hundred. Centred around hating your friend’s boyfriend, “Your Girlfriend” takes influence from the female-driven pop that the singer grew up around - and to a great extent - beats them to the punch by making it to catch our attention was Preston-based rockers The Outerlines with “Kelsey.” Take a pinch of northern rasp, mix it up with some hazy guitar intermissions and shimmering melodies, and the finished product is this belter. As the up-and-coming band come fresh off a tour, before they head out across the country again, this one doesn’t beat around the bush in dispatching an amalgamation of sounds that entail everything indie fans look for in their playlists..fourthly, the lucid rhythms and Delphic psychedelia of “Listen Up”, the new single by Monograms, the alias of frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ian Jacobs, reels us into the weekend. Released ahead of his highly anticipated new album “A Fine Commitment'', this track is an erratic marriage of visceral lyrics and atmospheric sonic. Inherently, Jacobs’ newest blend takes us into the minds of overthinkers, with encouragement of changing your perspective from negative to something positive. But within this lens, it encounters those that find it difficult to talk or take advice into practice. Essentially, it is a pensive gold rush...Girls Like Us also made the final cut this week and despite being released several months ago, “Spoonfed” is the chosen instalment. It sees searing guitars likened to the good old days of Grunge be graced by the relentless attitude of lead singer Amelia. The London-based trio launch an all-out attack throughout the single as they tear down the plaster in punk rock compulsion. If there is ever a time your phone drops you a notification to turn your volume down to protect your ears, it’s now...I'm not sure about where you are, but it saddens me to say the weather has turned a bit dreary today. However, Teenage Dads bring the sunshine with their fun new song, and the last of our weekly roundup, “Speed Racer”. Reminiscent of Talking Heads’ experimental spirit, this melancholic listen from the Australian breakthrough act features driven percussion, funky basslines, and that all-important vibrant synth texture necessary for this summer’s soundtrack. We have all had that kind of love in our lives that makes our heart race at a million miles an hour. Yep, now put that feeling into music. This is what “Speed Racer” gives you.


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