PEACH PIT - Troxy, London 16/06/23

Published on 19 June 2023 at 21:19

Photo: Ashley Evans

Words: Georgina Daniels


A quick stint in the Netherlands & Paris led indie-pop sensations Peach Pit to their biggest UK show to date on Friday night. Originally scheduled at the O2 Academy Brixton, the band announced back in late April that they would instead be bringing their infectious energy to the Grade II listed building & art deco inspired Troxy. As fans of the human kind filled the space, the need for fans of the heat relieving kind quickly increased. Regardless, there was an (albeit humid) air of anticipation for the Vancouver-based band to take the stage.


Warming up the crowd was Phoebe Green, a Manchester-based indie pop artist, who brought self-aware nonchalance to the earliest revellers of the night. Main support act the Walters, whilst innocently sweet enough, struggled to convince that they are an act to follow to the ends of the earth, although the songs “I Love You So” & “Fancy Shoes” injected some life back into the crowd. Although the power of TikTok can take a good deal of credit for the band’s continued success, their new song “Stuck In My Ways” is a light-hearted new track which will doubtless lead them through the next phase of their musical careers.  


As the lights dimmed for their imminent arrival, singer and guitarist Neil, lead guitarist Christopher, bassist Peter, and drummer Mikey threw the audience an unexpected twist by starting off with a rendition of 'Raining Blood' by Slayer, whilst commanding the audience to “Put those f-cking horns up!”  It was a macguffin beginning that left us wondering if we had collectively wandered into the wrong gig.


Officially kicking things off with “Being So Normal”, the title-track off of their 2017 release, the band went on to segue the piss-take energy into a wonderfully balanced collection of songs from all three of their acclaimed albums, including fan favourites “Peach Pit”, “Drop the Guillotine”, “Alrighty Aphrodite”,”Tommy’s Party” and “Shampoo Bottles”. Fans revelled in singing along to these career defining hits, swaying, dancing and enjoying live music’s powerful escapism.


Photo: Ashley Evans


The song “Give Up Baby Go” from the latest release From 2 To 3 felt like the standout track of the night, as a line dance-esque country song propped up with a confident drum beat, self-assured bass & lyrics that cast imaginations to messy benders full of carelessness and next-day regret. Christopher even slid in a cheeky nod to the Hotel California solo which was received with raucous applause from the audience. 


Another notable song in the form of “Black Liquorice” really took advantage of the catchy guitar hook layered between shimmery acoustic guitar & the very real experience of feeling too much of a burden to the people around you. By following up with “Private Presley”, the band led with a more brooding energy and a guitar solo oozing with emotion & turmoil. The quartet held on to the contemplative streak with “Look Out!” and  “Up Granville”, which showed that Peach Pit are not afraid to showcase material that is less fan service oriented. They even played an unreleased track called “Yasmina”, so I look forward to hearing that one again in the not too distant future.


Photo: Ashley Evans


This performance was a testament to their enduring legacy as “chewed bubblegum pop” - the kind of music that you dance to whilst ruminating over wasted youth, lost friendships and the good ol’ days. The energy was unyielding from all four members, who gave the audience everything and more in their performance. They will continue to induct indie newbies and root established fans in the happy sounds, sad lyrics dichotomy; Peach Pit are a class act in and out of the studio.


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