‘Go Back’ – The Latest Track From TOM AUTON Is A Moody Groove-Driven Earworm

Published on 19 June 2023 at 22:07

Words: Max Bradfield


Back in late May, Cardiff rocker Tom Auton released his newest single ‘Go Back’. We took a listen to the latest from this exciting up-and-comer that has supported the likes of Feeder and Jack Savoretti.


‘Go Back’ is ultimately a snarling yet crisp reflection of an overthinking mind. Moody, groove driven and ethereal in parts – it centres around a growling riff that sounds like a Royal Blood cover of Tame Impala. It holds a great tempo as Auton makes it obvious why his growing following approaches cult status with an ardent 20k a month listener base. 


Lyrics reflect a narrative that is trying to paper over the cracks of previous errors in relationships. There’s an aspiration to ‘Go Back’ and fix things, yet with Auton’s character ‘bleed(ing) out’ it’s all too late – and we’re given this dark piece of indie rock, fixating on time that’s ticked by. 


Not only an easy listenable, energetic offering, Auton’s latest song is a fervent showing of his all-round ability in the stages of song creation. The track was written, recorded, and mixed by Tom in his home studio like all of his material, and was mastered by John Davies of Metropolis Studios (Led Zeppelin, The Killers, IDLES). 


Not only does Auton make strides for himself, he admirably provides in depth breakdowns of his tracks on YouTube – sharing his journey to creating his own distinguishable sound as well as providing potential inspiration for other emerging artists and bands. 



So far, it's clear to see why the Welshman has attained such support from both fans and critics alike. His name has been found in Official Spotify Playlists, and has cropped up with significant radio play on Sirius XM, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio Wales and with Jack Saunders on Radio 1


Auton has been plugging away at music and performance since 13 years of age, and now 2023 looks to be a year of high potential for the 24-year-old. With 4 new singles and an EP loaded in his back pocket – those 20,000 monthly listeners will be sure to rise over the coming months. 


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