Featuring A Rock-Heavy Backdrop, FUTURE BABY Impress With Latest Release 'Bones'

Published on 19 June 2023 at 22:32



Originally working together on a university assignment back in 2021, Future Baby is a London-formed, Brighton-based band that was born from the potential they soon discovered after the first recording.


Straight out of Uni, Ian and Tom have a pipeline of new releases ready to burst from the seams. Inspired by the likes of Royal Blood, Nothing But Thieves, and Everything Everything, their third release sees “Bones” take centre stage.


Featuring a rock-heavy backdrop, with much darker undertones than previous releases, an existential theme and distorted riffs are the focal point in a single that serves as a great introduction to all that Future Baby is about.


Exploring the pressure of doing something meaningful before it’s too late – something many young artists will feel – Future Baby produces a relatable denotation through “Bones”, which also sees their light-hearted sonic from “I Think You Know” and “Broken Record” substituted for a soundscape that offers depth and breadth in sustenance. 


“Bones”, in the words of its creators, exhibits to Future Baby’s fans that they should not start to get comfortable with the sounds heard in previous releases. Instead, they should expect the unexpected. The duo’s capacity to intumesce their noise is palpable in this release, and so what to predict next is difficult. 



Some singles will still feature that adored indie sound, which sees the younger generation move from side to side, forward and backward, around, and around, under the midday sun. But other times, Future Baby will have a tendency to take tenebrous shortcuts that lead to the darker perimeters of music.


What “Bones” achieves is simple. It offers a glimpse into the future of this edgeless band. What’s next? Nobody knows…


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