MATTHEW RYAN JACOBS Signs Off His Trilogy Of Releases With Effortless New Track 'Street Lights'

Published on 19 June 2023 at 23:31



Singer-songwriter Matthew Ryan Jacobs is back with a brand-new release for summer 2023. The Ontario, Canada-born musician takes his music down a different path to his previous singles as producer Ben Kempel pushes him outside of his comfort zone.


The approach features a slicker yet darker sound. Lyrically, “Street Lights” is dim, but there is still that sonic uplift synonymous with Matthew’s trademark scape. Talking about the release, he says: “The lyrics to Street Lights are a little depressing if you really pay attention to them or read them outside of the music and melody. 


The singer said:  "The song kind of moves through stages of life – the first verse being young and hopeful, the second verse being the reality of adulthood, and the bridge is kind of a ”shut your mouth and don’t ask questions scenario." With the chorus reminding you that in the end we’re all going to die. This is only one perspective though, and a negative one. There is another song on the [upcoming] EP called “Morning Light” that deals with the same subjects from a more positive angle. So, the two are kind of day/night, light/dark together.”



“Street Lights” is the third release from Matthew’s glowing collection for 2023 and is arguably the best of the trilogy. Though “Living in Between” and “Sun Goes Down” offers sincerity and vulnerability in its natural state brilliantly, the latest single to date feels more polished as the sound and meaning merge into one effortless mix. 


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