Talented Lyricist ALEX LIPINSKI Releases New Track ‘Idiot Station’

Published on 22 June 2023 at 17:48



This year has been a memorable one for Alex Lipinski, who has recently supported Marc Almond on a European tour before signing his first-ever label deal with Marquee Records. To put these achievements into perspective with a more tangible accolade, the Weston-Super-Mare born talent has released ‘Idiot Station’ to ensure his quickly growing reputation never ceases.


Liam Gallagher is a fan, Bonehead has collaborated, and is set to again at Microdot later in the year - but it is not because of connections that Lipinski has made it this far as a true “artist’s artist”. It is rather his talent to merge music and storytelling into one and produce singles that enchant.


Music is his way of communicating with, and navigating around, the complexity of a modern world. Through ‘Idiot Station’, Alex points the middle finger at the nuances of digital ‘empty’, which washes across us all. He examines the idea that it would feel alien to do anything else other than scroll through our phones all day, which, in turn, has led to disassociation of what real life is all about.


It is for this reason that Lipinski’s lyricism gets compared to that of Bob Dylan’s. Philosophical and reflective thinking is clearly one of his strong points, and it has been since his brother handed him copies of ‘Blonde On Blonde’ and ‘Blood On The Tracks’ from an early age, while growing up on a diet of The Beatles, Kinks, and Elvis Presley. 



But without sonic, felicitous lyricism loses meaning. So that’s why Alex Lipinski has taken his musical influences with his overactive mind and then added a soundscape soaked in appropriate compositions for a superlative-permeating release.


Glam-rock rhythms and a hybrid fusion of The Stooges and The Black Keys were in mind during its creations, while a seductive savagery of melodies followed to polish off ‘Idiot Station’ and let it shine.


To mark this release, Alex will be going on the road from Glasgow to Brighton shortly - what better way to celebrate a great song.


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