‘Tunnel Vision’: CARDBOARD BOXER Get Caught Up In The Moment With Latest Single

Published on 22 June 2023 at 18:20

Words: Max Bradfield


Cardboard Boxer emerged from the underground skate and punk scenes of San Diego and over the last six years they’ve been developing a signature sound reflective of their influences. Now, like the tubular nature of a crazy halfpipe line, the band’s horizons are narrowed on their latest release ‘Tunnel Vision’. 


Coming out back on the 2nd of June, this latest track from the band holds a core theme of feeling overwhelmed – teetering on the line of making life decisions yet being uncertain of what path to take. The tunnel vision itself, is being transfixed to a moment, while life flies by. Ultimately, ‘Tunnel Vision’ is a song tinged with themes of nervousness and apprehension and plays on the existential experiences of the band; those they often found in their growing up around San Diego’s skate and punk scenes.


Thudding kicks, glossy metallic guitars, and an anthemic lead vocal make for a real likeable sound. Add to this, personality shining through with guitar inflections and a powerful bass – and a nervy Cardboard Boxer lead singer, Shea Villetet, encapsulates a real snapshot back in time. In essence, it feels a song very much influenced by the band’s teenage experiences. 


Recounting a formative time for the band, this makes sense as initially Shea and guitarist Tommy Achenbach initially met at middle school. After playing in bands that mainly covered Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, they were then joined by drummer Evan De Silva in Hannibal – a metalcore group. After they broke up, they started playing more surfy and punk rock jams and in 2017, Cardboard Boxer formed. It wasn’t until 2020’s Covid era that bassist Cameron Jackson joined the party and since then, the group have been refining their indie punk sound since.



Admittedly, the band’s biggest influences come in the forms of Fidlar, Wavves, Early Modest Mouse and The Dead Kennedys – and the energy of the latter is present in the uplifting tones and rocking melodies. The band have notably played some serious shows – like their outing at Peachy Fest with TV Girl, The Frights, and No Vacation. They’ve even headlined their own show at the Voodoo Room in San Diego. Whilst the boys know how to rock an audience, they’re also the right people to know if a mosh scene goes too far.


The band have said:
“We have an ambulance that we tour around in called the Jambulance. Three of the band members are currently in Paramedic school and have been EMT’s for about five years!
This single was recorded and produced by Richie Beretta, and mastered at Rose Quartz Mastering. Beretta, not only a producing whizz, also allegedly taught the band some other tricks.
“He stopped midway through recording one day and taught us how to make authentic spaghetti sauce. We recorded the whole song in his living room as well.”

So, after building on a homely vibe and rocking on San Diego memories, Cardboard Boxers’ latest track is a great piece of indie punk. It's no wonder the credit they’ve received elsewhere…

"Surely we are faced with good musicians who have spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room to achieve such an enviable sonic balance." – Edgar Alan Poets (Blog)


If the spaghetti sauce is good, there’s no wonder they take their time in the rehearsal room…


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