GAZELLE’s New Single ‘Lady Blue Sky’, Is Understandably An Our Sound Music Favourite

Published on 23 June 2023 at 19:54

Words: Max Bradfield


Last week, Leicester band Gazelle found themselves atop the Our Sound Music charts – claiming the prolific ‘Single Of The Week’ title. Well, their radio friendly anthem ‘Lady Blue Sky’ still sits high in the site’s estimations and has found a feature spot of its own.


The dynamic four-piece’s new track came out on the 15th of June, and the excitement has already been building. The group feel that this track represents a real step forward – showcasing their growth and evolution as artists while maintaining their own sound that a growing number of fans are quickly latching on to.


The track begins, swirling in a distorted mania before the invite: “won’t you come and play?” An enticing offer, indeed – yet before the mind is made up, the slamming drum decides for us and a choir of ahs transport us into Gazelle’s world. Fuzzy guitar riffs and a steady beat alongside the brilliant voice of lead vocalist Ryan Dunn, leave listeners basking in an undeniable charisma.



With this one’s anthemic chorus and infectious hooks, this new single has already deeply resonated with a solid core – snowballing over 2000 listens in less than a week. Dunn’s elevating vocals power the track onwards, and helped by the instrumental talents of Ben Gooch on guitar, Richard Sorbi on bass, and Danny Wright on drums – the band creates a real powerful synergy.


Celebrating in the wake of their newest work, the band have announced their appearance at an all outdoor show with many bands and DJs at the OMC, Frog Island on the 15th of July. So, lots to look forward to. To end, an inward look from the band themselves:

We are four working class lads who are uninspired by today’s music charts writing real music. We were brought together by a mutual love of British subcultures.”

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