NICKI WELLS Glimmers Through The Dark On Latest Single ‘The Night’

Published on 19 July 2023 at 18:41

Words: Max Bradfield


Back on the 23rd of June, singer-songwriter and composer Nicki Wells brought out her latest work ‘The Night’ and what can we say… it’s simply mesmerising.


As Wells takes us back to the very formative foundations of music being instilled in our brains, the lullaby, the ethos of the track is to be soothed to sleep. Our dreams crafted and curved to the whim of Nicki’s voice. Wells intends to capture the very essence of imagination, reverie, subconscious and reassurance, and truly, she does. Her voice takes form on the night air, of a comforting siren and dances fluidly on top of a guitar picking display that reminds listeners of thoughtful rock and folk like Half Moon Run’s ‘Full Circle’. 


With a similarly haunting nature to that song, Wells negotiates some equally haunting vocalisations. Her inflections in melodic near sighs not only represent the mystical night well, but also present both the western and eastern influences in her music creation. 


You see, Wells takes a lot of inspiration from her childhood in Dharamshala, India – as well as her joint Italian, Swiss and British heritage. It all combines to infect an intriguing sound, with subtle glimpses coming through; whether those be in the guitar lines or vocals. 



Alongside the newest track to Wells’ arsenal, comes a brilliantly animated music video. Directed by Patrick Atkins, it perfectly encapsulates the aura of the song, playing on the motifs of light, dark and the true mystery of night. 


Speaking of her single, Nicki Wells explained: The Night is a lullaby of reassurance to fall into mystery. To surrender into our own imagination, the world of the unconscious. The dream world.” 


Wells has already gained the support of some established outlets. BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins is a fan, as well as BBC Introducing, magazines Songwriting and LOCK, as well as Bandcamp Diaries. It seems with her latest output, more admirers will be joining the growing crowds.


“A perfect musical illustration of the moments in life that stop us in our tracks.” – Two Story Melody

“A delicate, endearing sound that has this impossibly powerful showstopping quality and charm.” – CLOUT


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