FADED SHADES Bring Forth ‘My Place (Or Your Place)’ - Their Finest Work To Date

Published on 19 July 2023 at 19:10

Words: Max Bradfield


Kent indie-pop rockers Faded Shades brought out their latest single back in June. Rousing, positive and slick, it's no wonder the band hold belief that this great track is their greatest release to date. 


A consummate reflection of the preparation and dedication the band have applied to developing their sound, while growing their fan base despite starting out just before tumultuous Covid-ridden times – ‘MP(OYP)’ is a refreshing 3:16 burst.


With Strokes-like vocals, charismatic lead singer Joe is direct and slick, and paired with the brilliant chords of the electric guitar, provides a truly uplifting atmosphere. ‘MP(OYP)’ is ultimately feelgood, with an undeniable catchy and melodic coming of age aspect more than present. Lyrically, the boys present a story of falling for a girl that perhaps you shouldn’t. However, there’s no time to dwell. No time for regrets, as Faded Shades move the story forward in the right direction – asking ‘Your Place Or Mine?’


Faded Shades’ main objective is to reflect on the tales of nights out. The trials and tribulations of relationship breakdowns amidst small triumphs. With influences coming thick and fast from the likes of Paul Weller, Oasis, and The Rolling Stones – the band present their own refreshing angles on some relatable topics in such a visceral, all-action part of one’s life. 


Rightfully, the band have built up a strong connection with fans at live shows and they’ve packed out clubs across London. Their debut album racked up impressive numbers, finding over 100k streams collectively. Having recorded said album in the confines of a DIY home studio, their sound has grown and transcended those basic origins and now the next few years could prove to be exciting stages for further growth. Especially off the back of this latest track… Stay tuned for more. 


If you’re looking for alluring melodic vocal harmonies which will stick to your synapses like superglue and cavernous guitar progressions, look no further than Faded Shades.” ANR Factory



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