CELESTIAL NORTH Takes Us To The ‘Otherworld’ – Their Latest Ethereal, Shimmering Single

Published on 20 July 2023 at 18:28

Words: Max Bradfield


Back on the 9th of June, Scottish wyrd-pop exhibitor Celestial North released her latest (and lead single off upcoming album) ‘Otherworld’, and it’s clear to see why the Lake District-based artist has garnered praise ranging from Amazing Radio to the BBC.


The track opens with deep, smoggy tones – yet out of the darkness floats a sparkling jingle, helped on its way by luscious harp notes. After this, the influential base layers of electronica flutter atop a tribal beat which creates this truly blissful soundscape when the vocals trickle into the mixture. In this track there’s mention of self-deprecating thoughts: ‘I don’t feel at home inside my skin’ – and leaving harsh reality to escape to ‘red skies’. ‘If you don’t look back, you’ll never feel broken’. Step into the ‘Otherworld’…


You see, with Celestial North, there is this mystical aura. Moving to different realities on cosmic detours are no shock with regular listeners. Snack Magazine went as far as to say: “dreamy effervescent synth-pop from Edinburgh’s Celestial North at once evokes a witchy, wiccan naturalism and a music festival dance tent.” They’re right. It’s spiralling ‘wryd-pop’ at its best – dipped in magic and bathed in folklore. 


This true 3:38 of escapism is, as said, the lead single and title track of forthcoming album ‘Otherworld’ and presents the results of a creative life influenced by natural surroundings and wild Scottish upbringings. This new album was co-recorded and produced with Woody (of Sea Power) in the Lake District and draws powerful inspiration from dream pop, electro pop, folktronica, gaze and techno. Celestial North intends to offer escape to new realms that are far afield and adventurous. Even futuristic. Yet, this new body of work’s roots are sunk deep in the heritage of the civilizations of the past. 



Celestial North has received regular play time from Amazing Radio, as well as an extended run on the BBC after covering REM’s iconic ‘Nightswimming’. BBC Scotland’s Roddy Hart gushed, proclaiming it to be “Majestic”. So, what from the artist herself? Well, the multi-faceted musician provided her take on the latest release: “Otherworld is a rabble-rousing pick-me-up on days when life feels a bit much, a reminder that it will all be ok and that we are never truly alone in this world. Providing the beat and movement of life for us all to shake it off together.


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