CORBIN DOOLEY Releases Lead Track From New Album ‘Rocksteady’

Published on 20 July 2023 at 18:41



If meditation was music, Corbin Dooley has crafted the finishing product as he exhales calming new single “Breathe Deep”, the lead track in his third studio album “Rocksteady”, which was released on National DAB Day, July 10th.


As the Los Angeles experimentalist musician investigates the quest for inner peace, the new single weaves a mantra-like spell, fostering deep reflection and unity as soothing female backing vocals synchronise to mould a silver-toned production. 


Ethereal harmonies and profound lyrics on connection, faith, and boundless vision guide your self-discovery journey, while ‘Breathe Deep’ can only exemplify that judgement. Sure to be found on mindfulness playlists, Dooley tinkers with an entirely new genre in his latest instalment after his first solo album ‘Affection’ spawned hints of dark indie electronic atmospherics before the sophomore release ‘Western Trauma’ established the singer’s penchant for country idealistic last year.



But if you thought ‘Breathe Deep’ sounded different to each of his previous albums, and you were hoping that the newest album boasted more of the same, you’d be pleasantly surprised, as ‘Rocksteady’ enamours with sun-soaked reggae at its core.


Instead, the single is a black sheep. But one that emphasises the artist’s flexibility. Produced and engineered by Nick Poortman, and promoted by Bikini Wax Records, the album also offers a fleapit into the world of cannabis, life, love, and simple pleasures, with ‘Breathe Deep’ being a contender for its best creation as it delivers harmony in the form of tranquillity. 


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