Album Review | As December Falls | Join The Club

Published on 21 July 2023 at 18:33

By Craig McInnes


As December Falls have quietly powered their way through the punk scene over the last 9 years and have recently started gaining a bigger name and platform for what they do - something I feel should’ve been the case a long time ago because these guys represent everything that’s right with a DIY band down to a tee. The pop punk 3-piece from Nottingham are back with a bang with record number three, Join the Club.

The lead up to the album drop has seen inane support from the bands loyal and ever growing followers, to the extent where all signed vinyl pre-orders sold out including special editions. All of which were signed and you’ve got to feel for the wrists with all the autographs that came with this. However when you listen to the record, you can instantly hear the endless amounts of hard work that’s gone into the making of this so a few thousand signatures is basically a nice way to sign off, literally. 

This record promises a more heavier take on the band's previous outings. Each track comes with their own bite and the perfect kick to what was intended with this drop. Opening track Join the Club kicks off with a hard-hitting pop punk type guitar riff complete with Bethany Hunter‘s stunning recognisable vocals. The infectious chorus is set to be ingrained in your head straight from the off and instantly fills you with so much promise for the rest of the record. The sheer swagger in Honey contains one of the strongest hard hitting melodies of the full record that’s really hard to ignore. 

Carousel was always a favourite of the singles in the build up to this record and it remains with that title - it’s obvious to tell this will be a fan favourite both on stage and all streaming platforms. You can hear the raw emotion in Bethany’s voice as each lyric catchier than the last is blasted out. Mayday for me however is the biggest slammer of the record as it piles digital guitar onto the brittle drum beats, this high energy song instantly slaps you around the face in the best possible way and won’t allow you to let go even when it’s done. 

Go Away comes at a nice time of the record, although the song for me is your typical As December Falls banger, it gives you a chance to briefly catch your breath from the opening tracks before Bethany’s infectious vocals and Timmy’s gripping guitar riffs will have you bounce around your poster covered room again in no time. I Can’t Sleep is a heavier start but feels like it is on the same road as the previous track, certainly nothing bad, this track with its head banging melody is a sound we know and love so well about this band. 

Little By Little being the bands latest single & music video was a stand out even before the album - for me it gives off strong Hot Milk vibes, a cross I can very much get behind, both bands I love as much as each other. Home takes me back to the early 00s emo era that really does bring back special memories - even being one of the slower numbers on the record, the song comes with a big effect and although the album is a more heavier route for the band, it shows that they are more than capable of reaching all bases when it comes to what they release. 

Another strong guitar riff contender with Alive, a song we were royally treated to earlier in the year - this song again falls under the ADF sound that I fell in love with but is another major stand out on the record  purely for that riff featured in the bridge. With a sensational chorus instantly grabbing your attention, Leave ends this record on a major high, not as if the whole thing wasn’t that anyway but to end so strongly on something that packs the punch that it has, really states serious intention of what this band mean with this. 

As December Falls have seriously proved with this record that they can produce belters time and time again and from the very offset, Join the Club is an unquestionable contender for album of the year and we’re only in July. With a tour around the corner and their recent heights in Europe, the future is looking insanely strong for a band that deserves it so much. 



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