SHOOTING GALLERIES Take Pensive Moment Of Reflection In ‘Swan Song’

Published on 3 August 2023 at 14:38

Words: Max Bradfield


London-based rock and roll outfit Shooting Galleries are set to release what they deem to be their finest work to date with ‘Swan Song’ on the 4th of August. Already a firm fan favourite, it's hotly anticipated and has been in the pipeline for quite some time.


‘Swan Song’ was put together around a year ago when guitarist Jimmy brought to life a slow and melodic riff. This riff was then paired with a carefully crafted melody before the song morphed into an emotion powered and triumphant finished article. 


That somewhat soothing and gentle riff brings an instant ambience. Subtleties like the harmonies to the brilliant lead vocal as well as a secondary guitar are superb, complementary aspects. Lead vocalist Brandon’s sound is quite unique and stays true to the song’s thoughtful flight path. 


That said, the song transforms around the 1:30 mark – with sneering guitar driving an excellent tempo shift that clearly presents the band’s rhythmic abilities. Self-reflective and holding a thoughtful intelligence, ‘Swan Song’ looks to show a certain maturity from the promising capital city band.



About the track, songwriter and lead vocalist Brandon, saidThe song is about being at a crossroads in life, as well as, within yourself. It’s the line between presenting how people want you to be and who you actually are. We all wear masks on a daily basis and it changes depending on who you’re with and where you are; and if indeed you want to share your true self with the people around you. Swan Song is an acknowledgement of all that and a fearless celebration of the true self, regardless of how it is perceived”.


Despite just forming amidst the global pandemic, Shooting Galleries have played several key sold out shows; including at The O2 Academy Islington, The Old Blue Last and The Camden Assembly. 


With further tracks recorded for further release and several live shows including a potential European tour in the works, Shooting Galleries look to constantly evolve – especially as far as the London scene is concerned.