KID LAZURAS’ New Single ‘All Over Again’ Is An Excellent Precursor To This Month’s Upcoming Debut Album

Published on 4 August 2023 at 16:30

Words: Max Bradfield


Bristol’s Kid Lazuras came to existence in a shed. Even better? Deep down they secretly want to write songs about sandwiches. Can’t knock it, I suppose – but hey, when they don’t have lunch on their mind, KL caters perfectly to a listener base that is steadily set to rise. Especially ahead of their August debut ‘Utopia’. 


If ‘Utopia’ is the main course, this third single 'All Over Again' is yet another tasty canapé to tease the palette. The bass provides the body of the track, while jittering guitars scamper. A light lead vocal enters to provide that sweetness, adding a new angle to what was shaping up as a boisterous, melancholic listen.


Admittedly influenced by the post-punk, electronica, and new-wave scenes, Kid Lazuras looks to blend genres and meanings. In this unique sound, the band achieves that by contrasting a floating voice with a tight funky ensemble. 



The band describes ‘All Over Again’ as a breath of fresh air on the new album that’s bound to make you move. If this is perhaps a favourite of the group – it certainly has ears readied for August. However, before that – there’s yet another release for the Bristol natives. At the end of this month, one final release teases the new album. 


Look forward to the 31st’s ‘Words Are Just Another Way To Hide’. Look ahead to the 8th of August for Utopia’s release.