THE THIRD MAN’s ‘What She Wrote’: A Lesson In Ethereal Feeling From 4-piece From Edinburgh’s College Of Art

Published on 7 September 2023 at 16:49

Words: Max Bradfield


The Third Man have been making music together as a band for 20 years. Ruminated in the inspired halls of Edinburgh’s College of Art all those years ago, the quartet continue to ever-develop their thoughtful, sweeping sound. One record that’s the culmination of their efforts, is the single off their latest album ‘Somewhere To Leave’. 


What She Wrote’ is a brilliantly layered piece that is ever-so welcoming to the longing ear. Hitting enticed listeners with raw emotion and feeling is seemingly this band’s bread and butter. Inwardly, they flitter about and beyond the indie band title:


We think of ourselves as an indie band but we lean more towards the gentle sweeping soundscapes and epic crescendos end of the indie spectrum, rather than jangly guitars and strutting (although we have been known to do a little of the latter in appropriate moments of a live set…)”


One of the themes that has always interested us is the power of leaving, whether it is a place, a relationship or even a party. This album – ‘Somewhere To Leave’, is a collection of vignettes about this.”



The Third Man really creates a track that resonates. In the mix comes home familiarities in sound effects – there’s what sounds like a recorded monologue from a phone recording. That female voice of Sophy Teasdale. Her parting message? 


“The single ‘What She Wrote’ is a song about a relationship at breaking point woven through with the letter ‘she’ writes to her lover as a spoken performance. The whole thing is set to a rumbling beat with piano, guitars and synth bass filling out the sound.”


String and synth lines pull listeners into a hazy pit of reflection and hindsight – the band’s intention of exploring leaving is truly everlasting and effective.


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