Asking The Killer Questions… VICE KILLER’s Latest Release ‘Where Can I Find Some Peace?’

Published on 14 September 2023 at 15:14

Words: Max Bradfield


Rising North-East band Vice Killer returned with their latest single ‘Where Can I Get Some Peace?’ back on the 28th of July and it’s an electric follow up to previous offering ‘The Red Sky’. Actually, it’s supposed to be a second part to that single’s story.


Recorded at Newcastle’s Blank Studios and produced by Chris McManus, ‘Where Can I find Some Peace?’ represents how being happy can’t be forced upon people. Some take more time than others to ultimately find their peace.


From the start, a boisterous bass line welcomes listeners before flanging guitar notes peak through – joined by an echoing lead riff. As we weave through the figurative crowd baying at the feet of the band, frontman Thomas Gilling’s clear and intriguing vocal takes centre stage. What follows is a story of visceral feeling, energy, and a sumptuous solo that cuts the indie haze perfectly. 


Gilling said of the song: 

Where Can I Find Some Peace?” is one of our favourite songs to play live. It creates a massive energy once the bass and the drums kick in. It would be a perfect song for a Guy Ritchie movie I think!

On the writing process, he continued: 

I wanted to write something a little more upbeat, and after watching a performance of 'The Stone Roses - Fools Gold TOTP (1989)' I sat down with my acoustic and the rhythm/melody came straight away. I wrote the lyrics within probably 15 minutes and the song was done.”


“I didn't want to dwell too much on the words, and just sing what I was feeling. We jammed the song in our practice room, taking inspiration from the Madchester scene of the 90's as well as the soul of Curtis Mayfield’s 'Move On Up'”.  


The band have recorded a music video with Blue Bandit Media who work all around the North-East of England. The music video was filmed in the stunning Durham, which is very close to where they are all from. Some of the video was also captured at the band’s headline show in Newcastle at their favourite venue, Zerox.


Vice Killer released their debut EP in 2021 and have since gained momentum - headlining sold-out shows in Sunderland and Newcastle in 2022. They also featured on BBC Introducing. Looking ahead, things look bright and especially as the immediate future has the group performing live. 

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