EWAN SIM Proves Why Clash Magazine Are Fans Of His With Latest Track ‘Meaning of Life’

Published on 14 September 2023 at 16:34

Words: Max Bradfield


Manchester’s Ewan Sim released his single ‘Meaning of Life’ at the start of August and it brings a heavy, thoughtful process to the fore. Self-reflection is the (hyphenated) watch word in this one, as Sim looks to find his own purpose. Why is he here?


Well, apart from providing soulful slithers of musical thought like this single, within Ewan blends raw vocals, an energetic mix of brass, organs and drums to help find his answer. 


Meaning of Life’ has the singer-songwriter’s vocal approach so directly and when tambourine’s signal the song’s rising swell – driving drums take hold to elevate a layered vocal amidst powerful chords. There’s also a playful dexterity in percussion as brass chirps float over a near-breakbeat style at points. 


Sim pleads: “Give me a sign” in his resolve for answers, yet the main takeaway is perhaps that we find our answers in this life – especially poignant given this artist’s ascent in recent times. It’s all been his own doing.



Ewan earned his praise in Clash Magazine, as they labelled his small arsenal of tracks a turning point; claiming that 2023 is “A huge year for this songwriter.”


Alongside Clash, Sim has featured on the radio – rightfully receiving air time from BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 1, and Kiss FM UK. 


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