QUIET TONGUES Are At Their Loud And Atmospheric Best On Summer Release ‘She’s Velvet’

Published on 20 September 2023 at 12:36

Words: Max Bradfield


Quiet Tongue’s first release of 2023 arrived in the summer, and it’s an excellent representation of the emerging band’s talent and ability.


July’s ‘She’s Velvet’ gets straight to the point and opens with the brilliant commotion of rhythm and flying chords tag-teaming the listener. As our pulses settle and adapt to the song’s frenetic beginnings, psychedelic hammer-ons trickle through the mist. The bass squirms brilliantly, the drums artfully hover. Tempos shift, but the intention never changes – to dazzle and tell a story of the proverbial ‘She’: a seemingly whirlwind, euphoric partner in life and love.


An individual of near-deity strength, ‘She’ has the ability to light up rooms but also provide beautiful blackouts, almost like some kind of drug. The juxtaposing ideas are what makes her so addictive – she can take the singer “off the mend” and off “together around the bends” yet she has this quality to induce a feeling of “fantasy” “like no other.”


Quiet Tongue’s song itself is as mentally penetrating as the illusive antagonist. Guitar lines merging with (in places) heavy and fuzz-ridden chords, delicate changes in volume and pace, as well as remarkable percussion leaves the mind racing – a dizzied mess of math-rock, indie haze. For a band that is creating new strides under a new moniker, this isn’t as much a reset, it’s more picking up where they left off. 


With fierce, intricate rhythms, mosaic and dazzling guitars, bittersweet abstract lyricism and an influence ranging from Queens of The Stone Age, Tame Impala all the way to Massive Attack and Talking Heads, Quiet Tongues come with infectious melodic arrangement and a genre-bending sound.


Formed in 2018 as Modra Luna, the quartet has steadily made waves in capital city venues like Oslo Hackney, The Finsbury, Notting Hill Arts Club, and Nambucca. As it did for many, the COVID era enforced a slight change of direction and Quiet Tongues emerged where Modra Luna once was. 


In June of 2022, the band released their debut single ‘Ennui’ and quickly built on early acclaim with ‘The Water Is Wet’. ‘She’s Velvet’ acts as the third and final single release before the band’s debut EP arrives later this year. Exciting times are present, yet also await as the group goes from strength to strength. 


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